Hidden Streams - Private residence In Forest Row, Sussex

Complete control of property encompassing lighting, heating, Blinds and music system.

Heating system comprising of traditional wall hung radiators and up to date under floor wet systems.
Use of valves that control the flow of water finitely with individual room temperature measurement with the ability to control each room at separate levels.

The use of advanced room controllers with LCD display of temperature, also allowing the client to adjust normal set point temperatures, the controller then automatically sets this back during standby and at night with the addition of frost protection during periods when the owner is away from the house.

In addition, this controller provides control of each rooms blinds and activation of the room's air conditioning, which when activated, disables the heating in that room. The audio settings are also controlled by this device allowing on/off, volume, source selection (from 8 available) and tone controls (loudness, bass & treble).

The audio system throughout the house has inputs from the SKY HD packages, two separate iPods and radio and CD sources. This sound system extends in to 9 separately controlled areas including the external patio.
The heating system, through a separate LCD mini panel, allows the owner to set timers for ground floor and first floor areas, to switch between standby, night and normal modes as well as press 1 button to turn the system off if they leave on holiday.

They can also choose the temperature and quantity of hot water required for different days of the week.

Measurements of external temperature, wind speed, light levels and whether it is raining or not are also displayed here which allow for automatic setting of various functions, closing blinds at dusk for instance or increasing boiler fire times in the event of sub zero external temperature.

A custom built mirror television was manufactured for the owner, which during normal use is a large oval walnut framed mirror, then upon pressing a button on the remote, becomes a 37" LCD TV within the mirror. This is connected to SKY HD, and to a mini PC for use as the display.

The PC is hidden with a high end radio keyboard and gyroscopic mouse enabling operation as a slideshow system, or for normal web use.

This PC synchronises with one of the clients iPods and has over 3000 MP3 tracks on it which can also be played through the 5.1 system located in this room and also pushed in to the whole house system.

This project represents a very high end use of the KNX protocol.

We are juct about to start the works involved in a new 3,000 sq ft swimming pool complex being built in the grounds of this house.