Sound & Vision

If you want music in your bathroom and kitchen, but want the speakers to be discreet and unobtrusive, or if you want a full cinema installation, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the right solution. We carry out many multi room audio and video distribution installations and are able to specify, source, cable for and install for any eventuality.

As experienced electrical contractors, we are also aware of the constraints of the fabric of buildings and how to safely install and comply with regulations.

Recently we have been finding a greater demand for having high definition distribution installed. This is simply down to us advising clients to hide Tuners, DVD players and amplifiers and then using remote control to operate the systems. As a result, the source is not adjacent to the display, but we can distribute the HD signals. This is possible with current equipment as specialists have been quick to design compliant devices. This means you can enjoy SKY HD signals in your lounge and your bedroom from 1 box. (1080i definition maximum)

Video scalers provide a defined solution to matching all device signal outputs to a displays best input. This will improve older signal formats up to a better image by digitally enhancing the signals in real time.

We can provide networked storage solutions for media content to be accessed by suitable media players, be it Sonos, Imerge, Crystalio or any other media player.

One remote for all; we have years of experience with Philips`s pronto range of remote controls and can encode for any equipment, with equipment hidden from sight.

In addition, with Philips`s latest release, we can control KNX systems directly, with a remoter that connects via wi-fi and infra red and will give real time feedback of other KNX functions.