KNX Technology: the world`s first open, royalty free and platform independent standard for Building and home control. It was created in the 1980`s by a small group of companies that wanted to deliver a single system specifically for buildings, that could be used across a wide variety of applications without limiting the end user to a specific manufacturer`s range of products. What that means for the end user is both greater choice and better value for money.

KNX is compliant to: EN 50090, EN 13321-1 and ISO/IEC 14543 standards.

The KNX association in Brussels controls the licences for both manufacturers and integrators and also develops improvements in software and promotes the protocol all around the world. There are now well over a hundred manufacturers worldwide producing KNX certified products and the KNX Association is receiving new applications for membership all the time. Because membership entitles manufacturers to produce as many types of KNX products as they like without having to pay for individual licenses it is actually helping to drive innovation, with the most respected electronics specialists in the world looking at building control issues and using KNX to solve them.

What`s more, KNX`s inter-operability with other systems means that future proofing is in-built. With KNX, your new building control equipment will not only be quick to install and easy to configure, but it will also communicate seamlessly with what`s already there, and anything that may be added in the future.

Legislation, commercial pressures and our increasingly 24/7 service driven culture will continue to put pressure on the people who manage buildings to run them smarter and more cost-effectively. Interoperability, user-friendliness and flexibility are key to answering those needs and KNX delivers all of the above.