About us

About us

20 Years of trading this May.

1997 was a year of mixed news.

Lady Diana Spencer and Mother Theresa both passed this year. Tony Blair came to power as "new labour" and the Kyoto agreement came into effect.

The 2nd Internet was coming of age,  AOL provided your email and all access to your life online and Google and Amazon were not even a dream.

ZIP drives took over for transportable storage but you could measure PC's in Mbs and certainly not Gbs or even Tbs.

Petrol was 59p/litre and the Channel 5 stareted transmitting.

GES began trading in 1997. Prior to this, Iain was running the electrical department of the souths largest Shopfitting contractor. Clients included Next (50+ shops including their first 10,000 sq foot store), Whitbread, BAA, Namco, Harrods, Fenwicks, Leading leisure and many many others.

Since the inception of GES, we have been carrying out installation work and retail development projects for French connection, Kookai, Bella Pasta and the initiating of the Costa Coffee brand (70+ stores). Pizza Express, Starbucks, Corney & Barrow and Unilever have also been our clients. In that time we have also  completed many types of contracts in the high end residential sector.

This has included the expansion and refurbishment of a 15th century manor house, with priest holes from the reformation era and the conversion of 16th century ship timber built barns into a luxury dwelling. We were also responsible for the installation works on a newly built Edwin Lutyens copy house in Hampshire modelled on a celebrity's Surrey mansion.

We have worked both nationally and internationally on some amazing projects and are always eager to work on novel and unique properties.

For the last 5 years, we have been carrying out works for German high end factory built home builders whose market in the UK has gone from strength to strength. Typically these are 5,000 + square feet homes with a variety of both simple and advanced technologies but in a unique and fully customised manor. No two homes are the same.

Our future is influenced by market trends and as a company we strive to be innovative and modern in all our approaches, both in materials used and applications for use. We have a responsible approach to recycling and waste management and strive to be as efficient as possible.

We have won multiple awards this year for porjects and more importantly for our business skills and development.

The GES Staff

GES Digital's main asset is our staff. We are very proud of what our teams can achieve and the methods in which they do this.

The company is made up of full time staffing and we consider onward training an essential part of keeping ourselves up to speed and also improving the capabilities of our teams.


The GES Staff

Iain Gordon, Managing Director of GES Digital Ltd

Pictured below, Iain is a qualified electrician, technician and KNX partner having worked in this industry for 31 years. Iain has been actively involved in the promotion of KNX technologies in the UK since 2007 and is current president for the KNX UK national group. This includes representing the UK KNX industry at a national and international level. Iain presents on many associated subjects and moderates panels in the Smart technology sector.

Iain will be spearheading the KNX IoT campaign in 2017, attending international conferences with many speaking roles to ensure KNX is at the forefornt of innovation in buildings.

Iain authors many documents and articles on all things technology based. Writes about what is both current and future anticipated and provided a TEDx talk at Surrey university recently.

Iain Gordon, GES Digital MD

"When I started, it just had to work. Now, safety is paramount and the customers expectation is so much higher. The electrical industry has never been more important than now and I am pleased to say we are at the forefront of our industry. Its all about the people and the relationship. A client who you can communicate with leads to a successful delivery and our staff work tirelessly ensuring our attitude reflects our performance."

- Iain Gordon, Managing Director

What our clients say

"GES Digital have been working with us for over 10 years and have implemented systems into all the changes we have made to our estate over that time. I have always found them to be honest and professional with an exceptional team of staff."

I Brown, Forest Row, Sussex